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Interview Form – 501c3

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    Today, we are going to start off with some administrative questions, then get into the programs that you offer, and then we will finish up with some financial information before going over the next steps.
  • If they have been in existence and have been operational you will need to get the actual income and expenses for at minimum 5 years.
  • *Review the following information with clients* NEXT STEPS
    • Within 1 business day I will send you your articles of incorporation information with instructions to file, copy of your bylaws, conflict of interest, and your EIN # for your records.
    • Filing fee with the IRS to file the 1023 is $600, if the client asks if that’s included in their package it is not also, we do not file any paperwork on the client’s behalf.
    • The IRS takes about 6-8 months to approve the application and within 6 weeks they will receive a letter acknowledging they received the package. Once approved if a new organization it will be backdated it to the date of incorporation.
    • Letters of Determination will be received via mail only, once approved.