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Interview Form – GearUp for Grants

  • Interview Info

  • Problem Statement / Statement of Need

  • Goals and Objectives

    A GOAL is a broad-based statement of the ultimate result of the change being undertaken. An OBJECTIVE is a measurable, time-specific result that the organization expects to accomplish as part of the grant.

    Objectives should include the amount of change, the direction of change (increase/improvement, or decrease/reduction, and the timeframe when change is expected.

    The objectives should tie to the problem statement, as they should indicate how the current situation will be changed.
  • Methods

    This is a detailed description of the activities your organization will implement to achieve the ends specified in the “objectives.”
  • Future Funding & Sustainability Strategy

  • Budget

    We do not complete Budgets for Client – Send Client Budget Template during interview follow-up. 

    The best budgets “translate” the “methods” of your organization’s project or program into dollars. This is an estimate of the income and expenses you anticipate will occur. Here are some pointers for completing your budget:   If your organization is seeking general operating support, you should submit the budget for the whole agency along with a request for “unrestricted” funds. If your organization is seeking funding for a special project, you need to develop a budget that shows the expenses and revenue you anticipate for that specific project. Establish a budget period (the length of time the budget covers). Estimate the expenses, obtaining cost estimates as necessary. Estimate the donated goods and services that will be used (in-kind). Estimate the anticipated revenue.